Shelina Manji - Working with God/Creator/Source for Quantum Wellness

About Us


I respect the uniqueness of each individual’s life journey, and the gifts and lessons which form part of that journey.
I treat people with kindness, compassion, respect and integrity and cherish the divine which is in all of us.
I respect the quality of peace which begins in each of us and spreads to the world.
I respect all religions, races, cultures and languages with appreciation for diversity.
I respect the confidentiality of my clients.
I am supportive of other holistic and mainstream modalities for my clients and students as needed.
I continually learn so that I may be of greater service.
I am grateful to divine source for all that I am and for the teachings, love and support from many people.
I am honored and humbled to be a fourth generational intuitive in my lineage.

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