Shelina Manji - Working with God/Creator/Source for Quantum Wellness
The ThetaHealing meditation technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health.  Her original book details her personal healing journey and her connection to the Creator utilizing her meditation technique.  She did not start teaching the ThetaHealing technique until 2006 or so, after she had perfected the technique on herself.
The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is (our God has many names and we call him Creator).  It is a focused prayer to the Creator and allows you to train your mind, body and spirit to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing Technique creates a positive lifestyle.

The ThetaHealing technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It teaches how to put to use one's own natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work.” We believe by focused prayer utilizing a “Theta” and "delta" brainwave (incorporating physics and quantum physics), you can actually witness the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional wellbeing. We have learned that through the ThetaHealing Technique intuitive abilities can be used to bring about spontaneous changes and physical and emotional wellbeing.
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Shelina is a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and Instructor in Basic DNA, Advanced DNA,  Manifesting and Abundance, Soul Mate and Rhythm to a Perfect Weight.

Thetahealing® Basic DNA
Thetahealing Basic DNA Class
Prerequisite: None required. Includes: Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing® Book, ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Manual and Basic DNA Certification (allowing you to take ThetaHealing® workshops worldwide).
ThetaHealing® is one of the most effective and life-changing forms of healing, relying upon the unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is/God/Source to do the actual work.  ThetaHealing practitioners go into a meditative state and channel healing energy. It is a method of meditation and prayer that utilizes the fundamental creative life energy of the universe to change limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs, to read what is going on inside the human body, and to perform physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Vianna Stibal healed from terminal lymphatic cancer after Creator revealed this technique to her. She went on to heal thousands of others and to teach many more. This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of ThetaHealing, and is open to people of all spiritual traditions and religions. Graduates will be qualified and listed as Basic ThetaHealing practitioners.
  • The Formation of Thetahealing
  • Cellular communication
  • Five Brain Waves
  • Energy Break
  • The Chakras and Kundalini
  • Visualization – The Witness
  • Intuitive Abilities
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • The Reading for Self and with a client
  • Principles of the Reading
  • The Healing
  • The Healing Technique
  • Group Healing Exercise
  • Belief work
  • Beliefs and How to change them
  • ThetaHealing® Energy testing
  • Programs for Feelings
  • Free floating memories
  • The Seven Planes of Existence
  • Guardian Angels
  • Soul Fragments
  • Manifesting
  • The Future Reading
  • Gene Replacement
  • Clearing a Coma
  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Thetahealing® - Advanced DNA Class
    Prerequisite:  ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Class and Certification by THInK Institute. Includes  Advanced ThetaHealing® book, Advanced DNA Practitioner’s Manual and Advanced DNA Certification.
    Thetahealing® Advanced DNA is a transformative experience which will deepen and enrich your ThetaHealing skills and instructions.
    ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance Class
    Prerequisite:  ThetaHealing® Basic DNA  and ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Certification
    Includes ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner’s Manual, ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance CD, and ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance Certification
    This very powerful class includes:
    Workshop: TBA.
    Value:  PRICELESS

    The ThetaHealing® technique is used to heal programs in the core (beliefs from this lifetime, including the collective subconscious), soul (all that we are), history (past events), and DNA (genetics).  It is used to attract good health, happiness, joy, abundance, most compatible soul mates, peace, ease with life purpose, intuition, discernment, balance, protection and many other positive ways of being. The healing is done by God/Creator of All That Is/Source at the core, soul, genetic and history levels, as well as through all planes of existence. Sessions are done in person or by distance.

    ThetaHealing® is a registered Trademark of Vianna Stibal.

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