November 2018 Archangel Message
Archangel Raphael helps with wellbeing. The word “archangel” means messenger. He works with green for healing and you may ask his help with your wellbeing. You can ask his help just like you would a friend. Prayers to God/source are powerful. His work does not replace medical care. If you have a medical condition, please see a health care provider.

Channeled messages from Archangel Raphael: dear beloved, so many of you have experienced hurt in your birth family, especially when you were a young child. As an adult, you replay this hurt over and over again in your subconscious mind. If you were to connect to your superconscious, you would see that you chose those experiences as a way to be strong and to help others. This may surprise you but when you were on the other side before you were born, you chose your family and your experiences with them. Each of you in the family had free will and choice about their actions. If we were to say to you forgive self and all others involved in these situations in order to free yourself, you would agree and forgive. However in time, the hurt would come up again, leading you to wonder how much forgiveness is needed and if you had taken the necessary steps to release the situation. We would suggest you go deeper to release the soul contracts that were created by the people involved. You can dissolve your part of the soul contract.
The following meditation may be followed for any situations that you are ready to resolve. In meditation, say to God/Source, please release all soul contracts, obligations, oaths, vows, agreements and commitments for me to have this situation (state situation) in the highest and best way. I forgive myself and all others involved, as this frees me. I request that the above contracts never come back and that are transmuted to God/Source. I release all negative karma regarding this situation to God/Source. 

Request Archangel Raphael to heal your inner child. Connect with your inner child and ask she/he what is needed to make your inner child happy and secure. You will receive an inner knowing of what this is. Ask Archangel Raphael to bring in this positive attribute(s) into your life. Connect with your inner child again and notice how she/he feels now. Visualize the green light of the Archangel Raphael filling you and surrounding you. Visualize the positive qualities that you are bringing in such as enlightenment, peace, joy, love and wellbeing and visualize what these mean for you in images. Feel how good it feels to imagine yourself in these images. Say this is in my life now. 
You may request Archangel Raphael to overlight you and to have his divine green flame of healing assist you. You may also ask Archangel Raphael to help loved ones.

Honour yourself by surrounding yourself with people who love and care about you. Nature is powerful for reenergizing.  You may be guided to limit your time in negative environments or say no to those who do not treat you with respect. 
You are loved, you deserve happiness and enlightenment is your divine birthright.

©️Shelina Manji.November 2018.

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