Spiritual Life Coaching Consultations:

Identifying your life purposes, life theme, life mission and life lessons and helping you to make the right choices for your life.
Identifying timelines in alignment with your life purpose.
Reading the Akashic Records or Soul Contracts and working with Source to request ease and grace in the contracts.
Spiritual clarity on your higher self, and spiritual team and guidance.
Coaching in several areas of your life, including relationships.

Akashic Records

Read your soul contracts, request positive changes, and receive spiritual clarity in your life purpose, life lesson and life theme and mission. This is a powerful session which works at deep levels to allow you to make the changes in your life. 1 hour $200

Soul, Spirit and Power Retrieval and Extraction of Intrusive Energy: 

Healing and returning soul and spirit parts which may have been lost due to trauma or illness, and identifying and returning your power to assist you in every area of life.  Extracting intrusive energy from individuals, including programs in the ancestral lines and ensuring subtle bodies are healed and have positive energy.  1 hour $150

Soul Clearing and Regeneration
A profound expericience with Creator to regnerate, renew and refresh the soul.  This session is only done a few times in one's life.  The soul feels cleared of old programs and beliefs, making space for positive programs.  The higher self is also cleared and regnerated.  The session includes energy clearing for the physical and subtle bodies, ensuring spirit guides are white light.  Please ensure that you have a few days to integrate and enjoy the session  Specific instructions will be provided upon booking an appointment.  $200 for 1 hr
Changing Soul Contracts and Levels of Consciousness
Transmute thoughts, actions and deeds which are not for your highest good (karma) from the soul contract (akashic record) and in the quantum (the energy field in which works with divine intelligence which is everywhere).  This is a powerful clearing from the history level of the soul, through all lifetimes.  You will then choose the positive qualities you would like to bring into your life. Details about your soul essence, soul name and life purpose, life theme and details about the sacred geometry design (mandala) which serves as your medicine shield. Intuitive guidance to assist you in in the steps you take to bring your life purpose to fruition. $150

Karma Clearing (in-depth): Transmute negative karma in your akashic record, ancestral lines, and soul groups for a powerful clearing which makes space for positive qualities in your life, with grace and ease.  $150 for 1 hr.  

Space Clearing: Distance clearing for homes, offices, and land to extract intrusive energy, soul and spirit retrieval for space, and instilling detailed programs from Creator for wellness, abundance, happiness, joy, peace and harmony.  $75 for 30 min, $150 for 1 hr.


Shelina is a gifted intuitive with over 11 years' experience assisting international clients in person, long distance and in group settings, including live audience readings.  She also works with corporate clients. Shelina is clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairsentient who has been teaching intuitive development for many years.  Shelina works with Creator/Source, Seraphim Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Goddess, ascended masters, animal totems, your higher self, soul and spirit, using channeling, and a wide variety of decks, to assist you in every area of life, including:

- name  your guardian angels and spirit guides.
- your soul name, and soul essence name.
- relationships, including love life
- career, finances and education
- wellbeing (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual)
- travel
- discuss how you can use your free will and free choice to assist you in empowering your life.
- recommendations on how you can move forward with grace.
30 min $75, 60 min $150


ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue
I am an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER who is certified to connect with angels for intuitive sessions which are illuminating and powerful for removing blocks. 30 min $75, 60 minutes $150


Soul Retrieval and Soul Remembering:
Soul retrieval is useful when parts of the soul have left due to trauma.  Trauma can range from minor to severe, causing loss of power.  Your soul is your essence, a bundle of your spiritual energies. It’s how the “molecules” of your immortal spirit connect to your conscious and physical forms. That connection and essence can be lost.  This essence is conscious, and it also can choose to vacate due to difficult situations. This is the concept referred to as “soul loss”.  The shaman journeys to locate and heal the lost soul fragments and return them to the client.  The client feels stronger and is able to be more present in the body. Soul retrieval is important because when the soul is more present, it has more power to move forward.
Soul Remembering is useful after a soul retrieval as the remembering work done by the recipient is essential: to keep and root the soul parts; to learn what qualities have been returned with the essence; to discover how to use the new energy; and to release any attitudes that continue to block wholeness.  During soul remembering, we gain knowledge of our soul’s purpose in the world. The gifts, talents, and strengths that soul remembering brings offer us wonderful beauty, vitality, and awareness in our lives.
Session: $150 for 1 hour.
Extraction is used to remove intrusive energies in the physical, mental, emotional, etheric, causal, higher self and spiritual bodies, leaving the client feeling calmer and energetically clearer.  It is believed that the luminous energy field which surrounds the physical body contains information which can be activated to heal the client in a quantum way.  Any intrusive energy is extracted from the luminous energy field.
Session $150 for 1 hour
Shamanic Divination:
Shamanic divination work is also used to journey to ask the helper spirits, power animals and ascended masters to provide guidance and clarity for the client.  Information about life purpose, lessons, relationships and events can work harmoniously with shamanic coaching and counseling as the information is useful for short term and long term goals.
Shamanic Ceremony:
Shamanic ceremony is helpful in celebrating and acknowledging milestones in the client’s life.  People are able to move forward when they process their feelings in ceremony.  Ceremonies may be held for births, weddings, funerals, significant life events and celebrations. Shelina is an Ordained Minister. Ceremonies are $150 per hour plus travel expenses and costs of items needed for ceremony.
Disclaimer: The above services are not meant to be a substitute for medical treatment and that any illnesses, mental health conditions, diseases or deformities should be referred to a qualified medical practitioner for treatment. The above services may be used to complement medical treatment but are not a substitute for medical treatment. No guarantees are made about timelines on intuitive consults as people have free choice on timing.
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