It is a total pleasure to share with you this testimonial and as many people as i can find to come for sessions for your amazing work. Thank you from my heart and thank you for sharing such honest purity.The work that Shelina has shared with me has been nothing short of amazing. Some of the changes in my life since December have affected me in the most accelerated and evolved ways I have yet to experience anywhere. That is on living memory. What you can expect from a reading or clearing with Shelina are strong and lasting changes with your life path. Thank you Shelina for such a compassionate sharing. M.G.

Wow,  after yesterday's session I literally feel reborn with excitement and so much promise for my life now and the future of our world! You really have enabled me to clearly see the light in all situations once again and have helped me heal in unimaginable ways!  I cannot thank you enough! Thank you so much for holding such an incredible ThetaHealing workshop! I am so thankful to have been a part of it and know that it has set me up with a foundation of knowledge that will enable me to live a most fulfilling life.  Thank you for your continued support and guidance.  Many blessings Shelina! N.N.

On Oct 6 I came with my friends to Sacred Space to participate in you
r offer to clear energies for Satyug and I am now (Thursday) finding that the blue areas on my tongue have lightened even more but what is most perplexing is the blue at the center of the tongue is almost gone.  Most interesting indeed.  I have tried TCM, Homeopathy, Western Herbalism and Ayurveda to get rid of this blue on my tongue.  East and West medicine agree that is some form of trauma.  West feels it is trauma from this life and east feels it is trauma for this life or trauma carried forward from inherited DNA.  The only thing that has reduced the blue slightly is 4 am meditation for 2 years.  This I have not done for 5 years because it is too difficult with school and shift work.  So for the first time I had a treatment with you the blue in the center of my tongue reduced dramatically.  Y.D.Registered Acupuncturist

I did want to tell you how much I gained from the workshop I did with you.  Amazing things happened within the next day or two, as you said they would, and I really feel that I moved forward in leaps and bounds as a result of our discussions and activities.  I appreciated all the time you put into all of us, and I look forward to working with you again in future.  Thank you again! Lori 

Thank you again for all you do to empower people to follow their dreams and create a fulfilling life for themselves.  Thank you again.  C.H.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.  I have felt virtually no anxiety over the days since we met.  I have also been more in the  moment with my daughter.  I am looking forward to noticing other positive changes in myself as days go on.  I am intrigued by it all and look forward to meeting with you again in the future.  Christy.

Ms. Shelina Manji is an intuitive clairvoyant and a multidimensional healer.  I personally favor her ThetaHealing work.  However, part of the beauty of Shelina is that she has a plethora of practices to draw from.  She is a well seasoned, empathic, down to earth, knowledgeable, highly productive, professional practitioner of 100% white light.  D.S.

Shelina does amazing very powerful energy work.  I highly recommend her for healing and intuitive readings.  She is extremely accurate and does her work with kindness and joy.  She knows how to make you feel better and leave you laughing.  N.P.

I want to thank you so much for the session we had on July 8.  I feel so much more positive and at ease since the session.  Helping my son-in-law's mother find her way back to the light really seemed to lighten the energy in the household.  I felt my yeart fill with joy right after.  My energy has brightened considerably.  I saw the doctor yesterday and he said I am almost recovered from the adrenal deficiency and don't need to come back again.  I am interested in the ThetaHealing classes.  Love and Blessings, H.C.

Just wanted to pass on my gratitude to you for all the wonderful work you have done for me.  I feel very blessed indeed.  R.M., Australia

Hi Shelina, just wanted to say congratulations on the Advanced Class you finished this last weekend.  We look forward to having them all as ThetaHealers.  You are a great teaching and we appreciate you sharing this work in the highest and best and keeping pure as Vianna teaches.  Love and Gratitude, B.O.

We had such a beautiful session on October 6 with Shelina, Matthew, Jhaimy.  They are all such gifted healers.  Much thanks to Shelina for all her hard work in getting us all together for a fantastic healing session.  We could not have done it without her.  Jhaimy and I are planning a return to Vancouver in February and we hope to see you again.  M.F.

I think I may have told you at some time about the amazing results I had from my ThetaHealing session.  It was like I was in a peaceful state of meditation in my everyday chaos.  The "bliss" effect stayed with me for weeks and the undercurrent operating system that I seem to be running my life from has also shifted to things coming to me more easily.  I know then that when the opportunity presented itself, it was the type of healing modality that I wanted to explore.  There are videos on YouTube that proclaim this as being one of spontaneous healing and people have recovered from chronic pain and broken bones.  Shelina Manji is the practitioner who did my session (she is also working with my mom in Vancouver so I am benefiting from those healings as well because of the effects are see in in yuur DNA lineage.  F.D.

ThetaHealing class: BTW - I am still glowing!  This past weekend was the most powerful thing I have experienced to this point in my life.  Thank you for sharing your gifts!  Sandra.

Thank you for a wonderful workshop, and there has been another shift in me.  Lenore.

Shelina, I want to thank you for all your prayers during my dog's illness.  She has been home with me for a couple of days now and is doing much better.  Your prayers were of real comfort to both her and myself.  Thank you again! Wishing you all the best. P.N.

Shelina, you have a beautiful ability to shift the energy to allow line to shine in.  Your powerful ThetaHealing has guided me and supported me through numerous difficult times.  You are a gift for those inclined for the divine! CT

I remember the exact day I enjoyed my first appointment with Shelina over 4 years ago.  It was so powerful!  My life has been a beautiful symphony of growth ever since.  I have experienced countless positive shifts as a direct result of the many ThetaHealing and intuitive healing sessions, workshops and Reiki courses I have experienced with her.  I highly recommend Shelina's work to any and all beings who feel guided to receive her gifts.  Sheina in unwavering in her ability to share with highest level of integrity, respect and professionalism.  I love her compassionate, light-hearted nature and I appreciate that the undertone of all her work encourages me to feel empowered in all of my life choices.  She has helped me to navigate some very challenging areas with grace, ease and a much loved sense of humor.  This is a woman who is really doing the work in her own life and is generously sharing her wisdom and spirit in honor of the highest good for all.  Thank you Shelina from the crystal core of my heart.  C.F.

I feel incredibly blessed to have Shelina as my Reiki Master/Teacher and to benefit from her multitude of talents! I met Shelina when I was already part-way through my Reiki training, and with her as my teacher, my growth has taken a quantum leap.  I have found her to be an exceptionally inspiring, knowledgeable and effective Reiki Master.  Shelina is an open-hearted, considerate, gracious and general individual who shows tremendous dedication to her students and to her craft.  She truly “walks her talk”.  Shelina’s level of intuitive ability is also extraordinary and is an enormous asset to anyone working in this field.  She is an “old soul” with tremendous wisdom to share and I have found her insights invaluable both professionally and personally.  I have benefited not only from Shelina’s Reiki courses but from her other workshops as well, and know that her standard for everything is excellence combined with fun.  I am so incredibly grateful to have found Shelina.  She is an honor and pleasure to work with and is truly a model for me in my healing career. K.J.

Shelina Manji came along at a very pivotal time for me in my life.  I was at a point as a healer where I was short of inspiration and looking for a mentor.  On a very grey rainy Vancouver afternoon I had just finished with a client who was quite a challenge, afterwards I was feeling quite zapped.  At this point, I had been overworking myself in time and spirit.  I saw her advertisement and went for it.  I had no idea that one visit would not only shift me but give me a new modality to add to my practice.  Shelina had given me one amazing ThetaHealing session and I was hooked immediately.  I wanted to learn this new treatment!  Wow, what a gift to give your client.  I have been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for years and use Astrology and Numerology with my clients.  Thus far, these have served me well; however, adding ThetaHealing has taken my work to a whole new level.  Thank you Shelina for firstly being an amazing mentor and secondly bringing light and love into my world.  You truly are a teacher of teachers.  It has been my honor to have in my life and work.  You have changed my life.  Thank you for all your blessings and healing sessions you have done for me; you inspire me to be the best I can be always.  Blessings.  C.

I knew I wanted to know more about ThetaHealing and other healing modalities but I knew nothing about how to go about learning, practising and really getting the real deal on the workings of these modalities.  Just like magic, Shelina reappeared into my life.  You have heard the saying that when the student is ready, the master will appear.  Mine was such a case.  Shelina was and continues to be a thoughtful, caring, and compassionate teacher, guide and friend who has enabled me to learn, understand and practice ThetaHealing and related healing arts.  I thought the workshops would be too demanding on my schedule as well as on my head.  That was not the case as the workshops were structured in such a way to make the lessons very easy to learn and it helps that Shelina is an excellent instructor.  Her wealth and depth of knowledge is second to none.  Even after the training, the support is phenomenal.  When I have questions, Shelina is well versed in technology and can answer any questions via Skype, email and of course, telephone.  If you have any hesitations or questions, I would suggest you call her and speak to her to clear up any and all doubts so that you too can enrich your life and get on the right path. She is a fantastic healer and teacher.  With kind regards, K.W.

Divine timing and a mutual friend brought Shelina into my life.  Since experiencing ThetaHealing sessions with Shelina, my life has changed for the better.  Her thorough yet gentle presence has supported and comforted me.  I am truly a different person because of her.  She uses many talents and modalities expertly.  Being well connected to a holistic community, she generously makes referrals to other practitioners when appropriate.  Multi-talented, she is a wealth of knowledge and information.  L.K.

I recently attended a ThetaHealing workshop with Shelina.  I am a Holistic Practitioner and am certified in several healing modalities and I was curious about ThetaHealing.  I wanted to learn more about it as I was already experiencing some very positive results from a recent telephone consultation I had with Shelina.  I had my ear drum punctured during surgery when I was a baby resulting in hearing loss that has increasingly become more problematic during the years; I have also been needing the help of reading glasses more and more during the last few years.  After only one session with Shelina, both medical conditions have improved considerably.  I feel that there have been some other subtle shifts in my physiology and I am looking forward to continued progress using this technique,  Thank you Shelina for introducing me to a such a powerful and effective modality.  Sincerely, Carmen, Canmore, Alberta

Since meeting Shelina two years ago, she is always one of the first people I contact when I am going through a difficult time.  Shelina is very prompt in responding to my concerns, insightful in looking at each situation with a new lens, and is able to provide me with guidance and confidence that the shift will take place through her approach.  Shelina has helped me work through some of the darkest moments, when I have struggled with depression, anxiety and I have feared things will not change; she has enabled me to view problematic situations in a different light, which has always created a positive shift within.  I feel blessed I met Shelina.  CT
Shelina Manji is definitely a leader in her industry. I met Shelina about a year and a half ago when I was in a very bad space in all areas of my life. She was referred to me by a good friend of mine. My life has turned around more than 360 degrees in income, business, love, health and my well being. Shelina is very committed to help her clients out and is very supportive in their journeys. I have referred several people to Shelina because of the results I have experienced in my life and in my trust in her. I have also taken Basic DNA ThetaHealing® with Shelina. I love her teaching style and her confidence in her students and their abilities. Shelina is very personable and respects her clients’ confidentiality. Shelina goes more than the extra mile for her clients. signed M” 
Just wanted to thank you again so much for sharing a clearing session with me.  I am so grateful for your guidance and support, and your incredible spiritual gift.  You have been an instrumental teacher in facilitating my spiritual growth, and your ability to share sessions grounded in integrity, and respect has been proven over and over.  You are a true gift in facilitating my spiritual awareness, purpose, and courage to discover my authentic self and live my best life.  With sincere gratitude, thank you.  Please feel free to share my experience. Sue, Kitchener, Ontario

Shelina has been such a mentor in my life.  She is so knowledgeable and comes from such a grounded and loving place. When I think of people who really come from a high place, meaning less ego, Shelina is who I think of.  Her integrity is as high as her accuracy.  I love her readings, Reiki, meditations and workshops.  I have learnt so much in her company and she really has helped me to get to a new place with internal growth.  My favorite workshops would have to be the Channeling and Guide Communication.  Shelina's connection is superior to so many teachers and psychics I have come across before.  I have no hesitation in saying that even half an hour with her is an investment.  Thanks for all your time, encouragement and expertise.  You truly are in touch.  K.H.

Having Shelina, both as a healer and teacher, is a truly eye-opening experience.  Her patience, love, empathy and understanding really helps her clients and students grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  With her guidance, you are able to see the big picture of life much easier and know you are never alone.  Her continual support as a teacher helps build a stronger level of confidence in her students wherever they are.  She is a true gift to this planet.  Sat Nam, N.N.

Chakra class - Shelina is a wonderful and kind teacher.  The classy is very easy to get into, especially as I have absolutely no basic understanding of the topic.  I did not feel repelled by the material or teaching style.  It is a great starting point for me.  Anon.

Thank you so much for the ThetaHealing session on the phone yesterday, it definitely made a difference and I felt so much better after the session.  I am very lucky to know and have someone like you in my life, thank you!  A.K.

"A friend of mine guided me to Shelina, and it's one of the greatest gifts he's given me. Shelina has been transformational in helping me clear, realign and recalibrate. The work she does is incredibly powerful, working on levels that bring about change in this and other universes. The changes I've seen in my life have been difficult to deny, and I'm still exploring the freedom from the heaviness that I used to feel (many times without even knowing it). I've recommended Shelina to my friends and family and am wholeheartedly grateful for her compassion and courage to do the work she does. In these times of transition, her work is more vital than it's ever been before." Kindest of regards, Katherine

I want to thank you very much for my amazing healing session I had
with you and Noella last Sunday. I have been experiencing subtle yet
significant shifts and changes in my body, my auric field and my
general energy. I am very grateful to be experiencing transformations
in my life.  S.M

Thank-you for the wonderful angel reading the other day. I thoroughly enjoyed  it and connecting with the angels. Your readings are amazing as always. J.B.

I first came to know of Shelina Manji when I began looking for a ThetaHealing Basic DNA level one instructor in Vancouver, in order to train as a ThetaHealing Practitioner myself.  One of my plans for 2012 is to add ThetaHealing to my range of healing modalities.  I was very impressed with the information that Shelina had on her website at and so I signed up to take her course at the end of January this year.  It turned out to be a delightful weekend full of listening, learning, laughter, love and light - five of my favorite things that begin with the letter "L".  

I have met up with Shelina on two subsequent occasions and have found her to be  very respectful, courteous, competent, thoughtful and above all, very well connected to the Great Creator of All that is.  She shares her knowledge of ThetaHealing - this healing modality that was developed by Vianna Stibal of Idaho Falls, Idaho - in a very straight forward way, in fact she is such a great instructor that I can easily accept that she has taught over 20 ThetaHealing workshops in the last 2 years alone.  If you are thinking of taking a ThetaHealing workshop, The Spiritual Way Of The HeartTM, or any Reiki training levels, I can thoroughly recommend you study with Shelina.  

Shelina has wonderful gifts and a very open heart.  His wisdom, strength and kindness has helped me learn and grow.  She has seen me through some difficult times and always been there with her hand on my shoulder.  I would recommend her to anyone.  B.S., Vancouver

I am so thankful for having met you Shelina.  Your work has truly transformed my life.  I have found calmness and a heightened sense of awareness in how I view and react to the world and the results have been truly powerful and positive.  You are  very professional, kind, non-judging and sincere.  You are easy to talk to and very thorough in your work.  I am grateful to have your healing work in my life.  Mandy.

Attending the Angel class with Shelina was out of this world right from the beginning.  Shelina is amazingly competent and able to communicate with and relate the whole angel kingdom in an awesome yet casual manner.  We increased our knowledge as we learned so much about each angel and so many of them ready to support us.  The angel cards and interactive nature of the class was most intriguing as she got us to do angel readings too.  I found it powerful to get techniques and strategies to bring in whatever I needed using the help of the angels.  I look forward to an advanced angel class next!

I thought the Basic DNA ThetaHealing workshop was amazing until I attended the Advanced DNA ThetaHealing with Shelina lasst week.  I just can't get over the extensive depth and breadth of what it covered, we were literally given over 400 downloads - each of us that is.  The workshop was effective because it was experiential, that is, we practiced it ourselves with Shelina doing a lot of the work initially, she is truly phenomenal, genuine and accurate.  I think the reading for each person done by the group was one of my best highlights.  I would recommend this advanced class to all those who have taken the basic which seems like kindergarten now!  Nancy Heusen, Vancouver

I have been very fortunate to have had the wisdom and caring offered wholeheartedly from Shelina Manji.  She is a gifted healer and spiritual teacher.  The integrity and advice that was shown to me helped change my life in many ways and I am forever gracious to Shelina's healing.  ThetaHealing has helped myself and many of my friends and Shelina's connection to source and humor made the workshops a complete honour to learn.  Thank you Shelina for your amazing work! Love and light.  SD

Dear Shelina, it is a while since I have contacted you and now I guess is a good time to send you a big thank you...after our session I took very seriously your advice and after reading Doreen's books, I meditate, ask and pray with angels every day and night.  I feel grounded, light, rested, and much in peace than before.  Just thank you again for your great help.  Love, Dagmar

I just wished to express my gratitude to you for this outstanding workshop with 100 downloads from the creator.  I cannot even begin to express how that has and is in the process of changing my life.  I feel that  am totally in control of my life  so positive and so happy
. N.K.

After the sudden death of my young son, I was in a very low place in my life without any hope or faith in anything. I was very close to hitting rock bottom when a friend recommended the services of Shelina Manji, certified holistic practitioner. I was skeptical, as I was in a place of such despair but decided to book a session. Little did I know that this small decision would impact my life in such a manner. The initial session my wife and I attended was tough, raw and emotional. It was about a month after our darling son’s passing and we were distraught beyond belief. Shelina was an absolute godsend (quite literally); she was kind, sympathetic, empathetic, understanding, patient and heartfelt in her approach. Through her extensive training with Doreen Virtue, she was able to explain and illustrate exactly what angels are, how guardian angels function and how our son has now returned to his original being. This was a major comfort, as we did not know how to react to such a loss. She also utilized Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing, in which is highly trained, to heal our grief (which was no easy feat at this stage), clear any blocks and regenerated our souls to help us move forward with our lives, knowing that we are supported by Creator, our Ascended Masters and our Angels. She also gave us detailed accounts of past lives, and provided great detail of what our life purpose is, which was comforting at a time when it seemed like there was no point in being on this earth. Our session was long, difficult, extremely emotional, tough and straining, but Shelina remained professional, tender when needed, strong when needed and was able to navigate through our needs as only an experienced healer could. As mentioned before, I was pretty doubtful before our session, brushing this all off as “hocus pocus.” HOWEVER, in the month following this session, I felt like a completely different person. Yes, life had dealt me a blow that I thought I never could recover from, but Shelina’s work completely altered my perspective, my grief felt lessened and I felt verve to live again. Furthermore, my health had been deteriorating drastically, but  through the clearings and downloads provided, I felt well again. If I had any questions, Shelina was there to give advice, provide answers and extend sympathy when needed. I became interested in my own intuition, and signed up for her intuition course. She enabled me to tap into my intuitive abilities, allowing me to use these skills to alter the course of my decisions, my future and essentially my life. The last session I attended was Shelina’s “Level of Consciousness” workshop, in which she calibrated the levels of consciousness in over 100 areas in my life. As I had already been through such a significant shift in my life through Shelina’s work, I did not expect to see much more difference. Once again, I was wrong. Since this workshop, I feel even more positive, energized and connected to Creator and ready to live life knowing what my life purpose is. From a bitter, angry, non-believing, depressed, and frankly, suicidal man, to a man who has been given a second lease on life, Shelina Manji I salute you and the work you do. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart; words cannot express the gratitude I have for you.         Paul Dundergrave

I was advised to contact Shelina for a session at a point in my life where I was at my wit’s end; years of abuse, hurt, pain, low self-esteem all culminated in me being in a space where I could not continue on living my life in such a wasteful and unsatisfying manner. I had also had a major tragedy occur in my family and was on a downwards spiral. My first session can only be described as life-altering; all the knowledge, advice, guidance and information that Shelina provided me was profound and awe-inspiring. Utilizing and drawing upon her knowledge of the works of Doreen Virtue, Vianna Stibal’s Thetahealing modality as well drawing upon her own healing modality and intuitive abilities, Shelina provided me with clearing, healing, downloads and perspectives that instantly and continuously changed my life and how I was going to move forward from moving forward from this point onwards. I was a woman who was a shell, living as a robot, looking to please and subjecting myself to unnecessary hurt and pain throughout my teens and young adulthood. After she regenerated my soul, I felt completely free of my past and ready to make positive and informed life decisions. After being told my life purpose, I now no longer feel listless and drifting; I have focus and feel a sense of fulfilment and purpose. After being told of my guardian angels and Ascended Masters and how they function to proetc and guide me, I do not feel alone or scared anymore. Now, due to her powerful abilities and support, I will never put myself in such positions of weakness again. Shelina is caring, supportive, discreet, loving within a professional context and an absolutely amazing healer. Overcome with respect and reverence for Shelina’s usage of Vianna Stibal’s Thetahealing modality, I signed on to take the beginners’ level workshop to see how I could heal myself and heal others. Once again, Shelina’s abilities as an instructor completely blew me away. She was engaging, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, patient, humorous where appropriate, and utterly inspirational. By allowing me to take this course with her and gifting me with her knowledge, I will never be the same person again and am able to change my life, heal any residual issues I may have, but most importantly, I myself am able to help and heal those who are very important in my life. After working with this modality for a few months, I was driven to take the advanced level of this workshop. This workshop was heavily dependent on Shelina’s abilities, due to the need for hundreds of downloads and intense focused. After this workshop, I feel even more strength in my desire to help and heal people and have even more respect for Shelina as a teacher. I also have taken a workshop series with Shelina, teaching us how to work with and draw upon Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel) and their respective strengths when necessary. This was another remarkable, life-altering workshop, as having the ability to work with such powerful celestial beings is a blessing and something that never crossed my realm of comprehension before. Shelina’s wide-reaching and all-encompassing knowledge of spiritual, historical, cultural avenues as well as drawing upon multiple religious traditions is nothing short of astounding. When partaking in a crystal workshop with Shelina, her ability to synthesize various types and vast amounts of knowledge while still keeping all us students engaged and interested is an amazing feat. Furthermore, by passing on her knowledge of crystals, Shelina has enabled me to shift the energy within my home and workspace, amongst other important energy alterations. The most recent workshop I have attended with Shelina was a transformational workshop calibrating and changing levels of consciousness in over 100 areas within a person’s life. Just as I thought when Shelina’s work on me had nearly been completed, after attending this session, which worked closely with Creator, I felt rejuvenated and healed of multiple past and present life issues, as well saw my levels of happiness, joy, confidence etc significantly increased. I am currently signed up to learn the art of Reiki from Shelina and am greatly looking forward to witnessing an experienced teacher. In short, as a healer, Shelina is a world-class Shaman, whose abilities are remarkable and all-encompassing. As a person, with her gentle voice and her kind heart, she is literally an angel on this earth, sent here to heal and help those who are guided to meet her. Her talents are indescribable, so I will just say this; she brought a smile to my lips when I thought I would never, ever be able to smile again. To anyone looking to improve their life or looking for a new perspective or just anyone reading this, meeting and having at least one session with Shelina is a decision you will never forget. From the depth of my heart and soul Shelina, thank you for all your work, abilities, kindness, generosity and presence, may God bless you always.    Portia Russo      

Thank you Shelina for showing me my spiritual innate abilities. I recently took the Archangel Certificate Course, which included the Archangels Temples.  In class, I felt a positive shift, taking place in my life, which reflected throughout all areas of my life within days. The experience of clearing the past was so profound and positive that it instilled in me hope for a bigger and better future.  Another gift Shelina gave me through her teaching was the ability to help others by doing readings in the Archangel Temples. The accuracy of these readings I performed for the first time with my family and friends were unfathomable. Not only was this class a life changing experience for myself but it was a positive experience for my friends and family too. Once again thank you Shelina for giving me the tools to live a fulfilled life. God bless you!  ~ Jennifer, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Akashic Records has always interested me and I was very excited to take Shelina's workshop.  She is by far the most knowledgeable and skilled spiritual teacher/ healer I have ever met. ( and I have taken many different workshops). She works with the upmost integrity and kindness and is very much connected to Creator, the Angels and the Ascended Masters.  The material and healing work in her Akashic Records workshop is ground breaking and all from her own experience and knowledge.  This workshop will transform your life in the biggest way and open yourself up to the notion that we all have the ability to create our life and heal ourselves.  What makes her workshop so unique is that she shares all the tools and techniques so you, yourself can practice and heal yourself.  And by healing yourself, you are healing and helping others as, friends, ancestors etc.  I highly recommend this workshop for everyone who is seeking to personally better themselves and for healing.  Additionally, Shelina teaches in a very relaxed, fun and kind way being respectful of all persons.  Thank you so much Shelina....I am a new person!! Jennifer, Vancouver
The two-day Archangels class was such a wondrous experience.  I hope you create more working with the angels workshops.  Sam,Vancouver Island.
S.E.e endorsed your work as Certified Holistic Practitioner at Shelina Manji.
Dear Shelina,
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Details of the Recommendation: "Shelina provides a unique service that is highly accurate and helpful on the path of understanding your own journey as well as offering up tools to aid your own growth. Both personable and reliable I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking out this line of personal insight." 
Service Category: Intuitive Readings
Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

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Dear Shelina,
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Details of the Recommendation: "Shelina was quite open with her answers, took her time and never at once looked at her watch to say time was up. I will definetely go back again and i have a few times. Highly recommend Shelina" 
Service Category: Holistic Practioner
Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

V.K. Endorsedyour work as Certified Holistic Practitioner at Shelina Manji.
Dear Shelina,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Shelina was able to pinpoint areas that I had issues with, without my even disclosing these areas to her. In addition, there were some issues I did discuss with her and she was able to provide valuable insight regarding their cause and how to overcome such obstacles. She also was able to "heal" the problems I was having at that time that were due to "contracts" I had in my past lives and provided me with information that I needed to move on. She also was able to tell me something about by future that has indeed come true. Which was quite amazing. 
All in all, I was very thankful for her help in my life. And I have recommended her to others that are close to me when I have felt that they could benefit from the work that Shelina does." 
Service Category: ThetaHealing
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

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Dear Shelina,
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Details of the Recommendation: "I found Shelina to be an excellent intuit and while she offered information that might be valuable I also found her to very encouraging of my own inner guidance and to trust it. I highly recommend Shelina." 
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2006

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Dear Shelina,
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Details of the Recommendation: "Sheila has deep insights into her profession and gave me valuable guidance and inspiration." 
Service Category: Healing
Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

D endorsedyour work as Certified Holistic Practitioner at Shelina Manji.

Dear Shelina,
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Details of the Recommendation: "Shelina uses Theta Healing to reach your inner levels. She is able to answer questions and aks for healing on your behalf. Shelina is very skilled and knowledgeable in Theta healing and I would recommend an experience with her." 
Service Category: Theta Healing
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

I first came to Shelina when I couldn’t find peace. I had some anxiety and I couldn’t focus on my path, my present and my future. In a couple hypnosis sessions, Shelina, with her naturally calming personality, help me gaining my inner peace. Shelina empowered me to find ways to relax my mind, helped me to find inner power, which I didn’t know existed in me. In each session I could feel how my anxiety slowly fades away and let calmness take over. Each session I felt more focus on the path and start doing the things I love. Thank you!!!
-Miri M. Vancouver

I just had two amazing hypnotherapy sessions with Shelina. I found her very helpful, caring and her work is high quality and unique. Shelina helped me feel comfortable, and the five years I have known her I have found her to be very trustworthy.  I really enjoyed  the session.. Shelina is the most experienced healer I have met. I would highly recommend her work if you want to heal, learn and/or feel closer to who you truly are.
Jennifer, Vancouver

Thank you Shelina for the beautiful reading you gave me.  You gave me a deeply helpful and accurate reading and I will keep referring to the information you gave me for inspiration and encouragement.  Thank you, Susan T., 

'Shelina was able to heal a wound I had been carrying within me for as long as I can remember. While other therapists had tried helping me to process it, a part of me always felt that it was still there and I would just have to work through it for the rest of my life. That changed very quickly with Shelina. Her spiritual work was able to dig deeper into the issue than anyone else had ever done which led to a profound release of the pain and suffering I had been feeling inside. I was finally able to get clarity and closure on a matter that was troubling me for decades. Not only did Shelina heal afrom the past, her healing brought positive improvements to my current relationships as well. That was something I never expected to happen or even thought was possible. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have worked with her as her client. I am beginning to feel like a new and healthier person and positive about my future. Shelina has also been an inspirational teacher who has and continues to pass along to me her wisdom in my journey as a helping professional. Thank you Ms. Manji, it is an honour to work with you. You are incredibly gifted and one of a kind.'- E.P., female, 30, Vancouver 2015 

Thank you so much for helping my mom.  She is very precious to me and I appreciate the amazing session to help her.  S.

You have helped me so much. You changed my life for the better I am extremely grateful. D.L.

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